Record of Burials by Location

Internments are recorded as if the cemetery is a book that one is reading it from the front gate. That means those who are listed below are buried in rows from left to right (or west to east), and top to bottom (or north to south). Here are additional details to read the table that follows.

{C}· ID refers to the row, again from west to east, giving each row a letter from A to F. Each visible headstone is given a number from 1 and ascending based on the number of headstones in the row. Finally, if the row letter and number are followed by the letter “A” this indicates a footstone that corresponds with the headstone listed above. For example, “A8A” is the footstone corresponding with the headstone in row A and the 8th visible headstone.

{C}· Name is the name of the person believed to be interred with last name and then first name.

{C}· Death is the year in which the individual died, confirmed by the headstone, footstone, and/or other sources.

{C}· Photo corresponds with high resolution JPEG images in the authors collection. These will be placed on archival quality materials and shared with the Oyster Bay Historical Society upon completion of this study.

{C}· Notes are any additional comments pertaining the headstone, footstone, etc.

{C}· Hammond refers to the order in which the name appears in the publication Historic Cemeteries of Oyster Bay: A Guide to Their Locations and Sources of Transcription Information, by Town Historian John Hammond and first printed February 2007 by the Town of Oyster Bay. An electronic version of the document is accessible here:

{C}· If no number is provided in the Hammond column, this indicates that the person or headstone may not be included in that publication. Footstones are also not included in the Hammond publication, though they are in this report.








Chatfield, Zina 1826





Chatfield, Elizabeth




James Reynolds



Reynolds, Elizabeth 1837








Hammond, Ann 1836





Hammond, John A. 1826





Wright, Caleb Rev. 1752





Wright, Isaac (Inf) 1752







Storrs, Sarah 1835







Storrs, Justus Dr. 1818







Underhill, Jacob 1842





Earle, Mary (Inf) 1805







Underhill, Sarah 1822








Van Wyck, Abraham Cpt. 1809



surface removed, similar in design to Elizabeth Van Wyck




Van Wyck, Elizabeth 1823







Storrs, (Stillborn Infant) 1787






Cooper, Joseph 1778







Cooper, Mary 1778







Wright, Elizabeth 1755





Cooper, Martha 1749







Cooper, Mercy






Wheeler, Esther (Cooper) 1778







Wright, William



"In M…ory of Will… right…




Cooper, Mary 1749





Wright, Elizabeth 1841




(illegible fieldstone)


(illegible fieldstone)


(illegible fieldstone)


(illegible fieldstone)


Wright, Nicholas 1682



"… of… ight… 168"



Underhill, Peter Rev. 1806





Underhill, Ethelinda 1803





Durling, Elizabeth




Durling, Henry 1843







Durling, Phebe 1846








Underhill, Elizabeth 1832







Underhill, Isaac 1831







Underhill, Elizabeth S. 1850







Underhill, Peter S. 1877







Underhill, Catherine M. 1878







Wright, Nancy





Wright, Mary






Wright, Elizabeth










Wright, John 1813





Wright, Zeruiah






Wright, John







Wright, William (Inf) 1740





(rough stone)



Townsend, Sarah 1780









Townsend, John 1786







Townsend, Ephraim 1799








Underhill, John T. 1838





Underhill, Catharine




Underhill, Joseph E



clearly a replacement stone


Wright, Mary (Bockus) 1891








Wright, Charles Caleb 1863







Wright, William 1846








Wright, Sarah 1878







Wright, Caleb 1847







Wright, Susan 1843







Wright, Mary 1907








Crooker, Robert 1773





Crooker, Dianah




Burtis, Sarah



Reads Sarah Butler in Hammond, should be Sarah Burtis



(toppled stone)



Townsend, Isaiah (Inf) 1749





Earle, Henry 1879






Earle, Marmaduke Rev. 1851



damaged, fallen






Earle, Mary 1832





Earle, Ann M. 1832







Earle, Mary Ferris 1874







Sarah Haviland Earle







Threadwell, Nelson




Hill, Mary 1894





Wright, William (Inf) 1854








Wright, Sophia 1876





Wright, John 1905








Wright, Myra 1877








Wright, Fannie 1882








Wright, Albert A. 1865








Wright, Julia




Rice, Elizabeth 1855





Location Unknown {C}{C







Wright, Albert 1885




Index to Burials by Family Name and Paternal Lineage by Generation

Note: While most people interred in the Baptist Church Cemetery are related by either birth or marriage, the relationship of names that are highlighted have an unknown relationship to others who are buried in the cemetery.


D9. Sarah Burtis, died October 4, 1790 at 66 years of age. Incorrectly referred to as Sarah Butler in several sources.


A1. Zina Chatfield is a man who was born in New Milford Connecticut on May 3, 1790. He married Betsey Allis before 1808. She reportedly died on October 9, 1817 in Huntington. Zina then married Eunice Whitney who was born at Derby, Connecticut, on April 5, 1794. They were married by the Rev. Mr. Raynor, an Episcopalian, at Huntington, Connecticut, on June 4, 1818.[1]{C}{C}[2] They lived in Huntington opposite Derby Narrows, until 1821 when they settled at Oyster Bay. A manuscript exists from the Court of Session held at Zina Chatfield’s in Oyster Bay in 1825, for an assault and battery. Jacob Baldwin was named as the defendant.[3] Zina Chatfield died of consumption on March 31, 1825.[4] His wife Eunice went on to marry David Marcus Clark on June 21, 1840 in Huntington. David Marcus Clark was born at Oxford, Connecticut on August 19, 1794, the son of Abel Clark and Patty Wooster. They settled at Oxford and were living there in July 1873.[5]

Children of Zina Chatfield and (Unknown):

{C}a. {C}Elizabeth Chatfield (1822-1823)

A1. Elizabeth Chatfield was daughter of Zina Chatfield. She died August 17, 1823 at the age of 1 year, 1 month. Elizabeth is recorded on the headstone of her father who died a few short years later in 1826. She was likely added to a more substantial headstone for her father after he died in 1826.


B2. Joseph Cooper. Married to Mary Cooper. Died 1778.

B3. Mary Cooper was born in 1714. Niece of Rev. Caleb Wright. Married to Joseph Cooper of Cooper’s Bluff. She left behind a diary at the age of her death that was transcribed and excerpted by the National Humanities Center.[6] Her entries, while often short and mysterious, chronicled the hardships faced by colonial families on Long Island. When she died at age 64, she had survived all six of her children. Two died as infants, two in childhood, and two in adulthood. Mary Cooper died herself in 1778.

Children of Joseph Cooper and Mary Cooper:

{C}a. Mercy Cooper (born and died February 7, 1749/50)

{C}b. Martha Cooper (died 1749)

{C}c. Mary Cooper (died 1949)

{C}d. Esther Cooper

{C}e. Elizabeth Cooper, died 1755

B5. Martha Cooper, daughter of Joseph and Mary Cooper. Died 1749. At age of 12 years, 4 months, and 20 days.

{C}{C B6. Mercy Cooper, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Cooper. Born February 7, 1749/50 and departed the same day.

B7. Esther (Cooper) Wheeler was the daughter of Mary Cooper and Joseph Cooper. Wife of Amaziah Wheeler. Esther Wheeler died February 11, 1778, at 34 years of age.

For B4. Elizabeth Ann Cooper (1734-1755) see Wright section.

For B8. William Wright (1748-1820) see Wright section.

B9. Marry Cooper (died 1749)


D8. Robert Crooker was born in Oyster Bay in 1691 and died March 24, 1773 in Rye, New York. He married Dinah Rhodes, the daughter of William Rhodes and Anne Wright. Dinah was born in England in 1694 and died in Rye, New York on May 8, 1775.[7]

{C}{C D8. Dinah Crooker born 1694 and died May 8, 1775.


B19. Henry Durling was born in Oyster Bay in 1763. He married Elizabeth Underhill. Following her death he married Phebe Underhill on July 28, 1822. Henry Durling died in 1843 at the age of 80.

B18. Elizabeth (Underhill) Durling, daughter of Rev. Peter Underhill and Ethelinda Townsend (1740-1803). Married Henry Durling.[8] Died November 24, 1820 at 51 years of age.

{C}{C B20. Phebe (Underhill) Durling was born in Oyster Bay Cove in 1761. She was daughter of house carpenter Daniel Underhill of Oyster Bay Cove, making her a niece of Rev. Peter Underhill.[1] Phebe Underhill married Henry Durling. Phebe Durling died January 25, 1848.


E2. Rev. Marmaduke Earle was a Baptist pastor from Stamford, who came to Oyster Bay when the Oyster Bay Academy was built and opened in 1801, and served as its first principal. Coles and Underhill who had led the Baptist Church congregation previously were ready to step down by the time that Earle arrived, so Earle took their place. During his 55 year pastorate provided strict discipline for his members, supervising their moral and spiritual conduct. While some repentance was offered for minor offenses, parties and dancing, or mingling with unbelievers were considered unforgivable offenses.[9] Earle and his wife had eleven children together. The first five were born in Stamford, Connecticut, before coming to Oyster Bay with their family. Of the other six children all born in Oyster Bay, three would die there and be buried in Oyster Bay as well. These children include Mary “Child” Earle (1805-1806), Mary Ferris Earle (1806-1874), and Sarah Haviland Earle (1807-1882). Marmaduke Earle continued to serve as pastor through 1856. The Rev. Marmaduke Earle died in 1867.

{C}{C E5. Mary (Ferris) Earle, born June 1, 1769, in Stanwich, Connecticut. Married Marmaduke Earle on April 22, 1792 in Stamford, Connecticut.[10] Died in Oyster Bay on June 25, 1832, at age 63 years and 21 days.

Children of Rev. Marmaduke Earle and Mary (Ferris) Earle:

{C}a. Henry Earle (1798-1879)

{C}b. Mary Ferris Earle (1804-1805)

{C}c. Ann M. Earle (died 1832)

{C}d. Mary Ferris Earle (1806-1874)

{C}e. Sarah Haviland Earle (1807-1882)

E1. Henry Earle, son of Marmaduke and Mary Earle. Born December 3, 1798 in Stamford, Connecticut. Died May 8, 1879 in Oyster Bay.

E4. Ann M. Earle, daughter of Marmaduke and Mary Earle. Died January 5, 1832, at 55 years of age.

{C}{C E5. Mary Ferris Earle, daughter of Rev. Marmaduke Earle and Mary Ferris, born June 10, 1806 in Oyster Bay; died June 3, 1874 in Oyster Bay.

{C}{C E6. Sarah Haviland Earle was born December 24, 1807 in Oyster Bay and died there in January 26, 1882.

{C}{C A12. Mary “Child” Earle was born October 10, 1804 in Oyster Bay, and died May 9, 1805 also in Oyster Bay.[11]


A6. Joshua Hammond was born 1750 in Oyster Bay. He married Anne Wright, daughter of John Wright and Zeruiah Wright. Joshua Hammond died February 27, 1826 in Oyster Bay.

A5. Anne (Wright) Hammond was born August 27, 1746, in Oyster Bay. Died 1836.


F2. Mary Hill died 1894 at the age of 86 years, 3 months.


A2. James Reynolds.

A3. Elizabeth Reynolds, was the wife of James Reynolds. She died 1837.


F10. Elizabeth Rice, wife of James Rice, died December 6, 1855, at the age of 43 years.


A10. Doctor Justus Storrs lived in Mansfield at the time of his appointment as surgeon, but later moved to Oyster Bay where he remained for the rest of his life. At the time of his death he left two sons, Cooper and Joseph, and one daughter, Lucy. Upon his death at age 63, he was remembered as “a friend to the poor, and will long be lamented by all who knew him.”[12] Doctor Justus Storrs died December 3, 1818.

{C}{C A9. Sarah (Wright) Storrs, was the daughter of Thomas Wright and Elizabeth Cooper. She married Doctor Justus Storrs. Sarah Storrs died February 23, 1835.[13]

Children of Doctor Justus Storrs and Sarah (Wright) Storrs:

{C}a. Storrs. A stillborn infant by the name of Storrs died and was buried in 1787.

B1. Storrs. A stillborn infant by the name of Storrs died and was buried in 1787.


F1. Nelson Threadwell. Died August 30, 1904. This headstone has unfortunately been toppled and a prominent break makes it difficult to read one very important word – that which describes the relationship between Threadwell and the Wright family. It can easily be surmised that he was a friend of the family, though not related by birth or marriage. The portion of the stone that is legible reads: “Nelson Threadwell, A life-long… the family of John Wright, Died August 30, 1904.”


C11. John Townsend died December 22, 1786, at 83 years of age.

{C}{C C.10. Sarah (Wright) Townsend was Peter Underhill’s mother-in-law, and also a teacher and a very able woman. She was among members of the Baptist Church attracted by the New Light movement, inspired by Jonathan Edwards’ revival preaching. Rev. Charles S. Wightman in his History of the church stated that one of the New Light tenets was “unrestrained freedom in speaking was the right of every member in time of worship,” and that it was a duty to follow the leads of Spirit; even if the outcome of this claim led to the “wildest disorder and tumult.”[14] Twenty members made rules of order that permitted speech at a proper time in the service. Mrs. John Townsend rebelled, however, and shrieked “Babylon” during the service. She and many shouting church members left the building and it is said could be heard plainly two miles away. Sarah Townsend died 27 April 1780 at 61 years of age.

Children of John Townsend and Sarah Wright:

{C}b. Ethelinda Townsend (1740-1803)

{C}c. Israel Townsend (1742-1832)

{C}d. Isaiah Townsend (1748-1799)

{C}e. Ephriam Townsend (1751-1799)

D11. Isaiah Townsend, son of John Townsend and Sarah Townsend. Born January 17 and died three days before second birthday on January 20, 1749/50. Headstone had the following epitaph:

O Happy Babe is Early fled away of Endless Day;

From this Vile Earth to Realms Hast though known

What wondrous Change dear Infant cradle to ascend a Throne

C12. Ephraim Townsend, died February 13, 1799.

{C}{C An inscription on his headstone read that “This monument… by order of his daughter Sarah W. Townsend, whose remains we deposited… Lloyds Neck where she died 30 April 1819.”

{C}{C For B17. Ethelinda (Townsend) Underhill see Underhill section. {C}{C


Underhill {C}{C

B16. Rev. Peter Underhill was the grandson of Captain John Underhill, and an active church member in the Oyster Bay Baptist Church. He was born January 24, 1737 in Oyster Bay, the son of Peter Underhill and Penelope Alling. The Oyster Bay Baptist Church flourished during his time as a member and built a new building under Peter Underhill that lasted until the Revolutionary War. During the war their building was commandeered and used to quarter the British when they occupied Oyster Bay. Members of the church at this time were divided, with some joining General George Washington in the fighting and others siding with the British. By 1788 the congregation had dwindled to only nine members with Rev. Benjamin Coles as pastor. Peter Underhill returned to the church as co-pastor in harmony with Coles in 1789, and services were held in homes of members, who by 1795 numbered forty-eight.[15] Peter Underhill died June 24, 1806.

{C}{C B17. Ethelinda (Townsend) Underhill. Wife of Rev. Peter Underhill, and daughter of John Townsend (died 1786) and Sarah (Wright) Townsend (died 1780). Died April 18, 1803.

Children of Rev. Peter Underhill and Ethelinda Townsend:

{C}a. Isaac Underhill (1767-1831)

{C}b. Elizabeth Underhill (1771-1820)

{C}c. Jacob Underhill (1776-1812)

B22. Isaac Underhill was born in 1767 in Oyster Bay, the son of Rev. Peter and Ethelinda Underhill. He married Betsey Silleck. They had at least one son, Peter Silleck Underhill who moved to and lived in Brooklyn. Isaac Underhill died September 18, 1831, in Oyster Bay at the age of 54 years and 5 days.

B21. Elizabeth (Silleck) Underhill, also called Betsey, was the daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah Slawson Silleck. Elizabeth died March 2, 1832 at age 41.

Children of Isaac Underhill and Betsey Silleck:

{C}a. Peter Silleck Underhill (1807-1877)

B24. Peter Silleck Underhill was born in 1807, the son of Isaac Underhill and Elizabeth Silleck. He lived in Brooklyn Ward I in 1850 and Brooklyn Ward 11 in 1870 according to the US Census. Peter married Catherine Matilda Mannell and they had several children together. Peter S. Underhill died May 10, 1877, at the age of 70 years, 1 month, and 5 days.

B25. Catharine M. Mannell was born in 1804. She married Peter Silleck Underhill and had several children. Catherine Matilda Mannell died June 5, 1878, in Brooklyn.

Children of Peter Silleck Underhill and Catherine Matilda Mannell:

{C}a. Frederick Augustus Underhill (1834-1836)

{C}b. Elizabeth S. Underhill (1835-1850)

{C}c. Catharine A. Underhill (born 1837)

{C}d. Theodosia Matilda Underhill (1843-1935)

B23. Elizabeth S. Underhill was born in 1835. She was the daughter of Peter Sileck Underhill and Catherine Matilda Mannell. Elizabeth S. Underhill died in Brooklyn in 1850.

Elizabeth Underhill was born in 1771, the daughter of Rev. Peter Underhill and Ethelinda Townsend. She died in 1820.

A11. Jacob Underhill was born in 1776, the daughter of Rev. Peter Underhill and Ethelinda Townsend. He died in July 21, 1812 at the age of 35.

A13. Sarah Silleck, was a daughter of Ebeneezer and Sarah Slawson Silleck. She married Jacob Underhill. Sarah Underhill died December 7, 1822 at age 46 years, 10 months and 21 days.

Children of Jacob Underhill and Sarah Underhill:

{C}a. John T. Underhill

C13. John T. Underhill, son of Jacob and Sarah Underhill, died August 18, 1838, at age 36 years, 9 months, and 2 days.

C14. Catharine Evans was daughter of Crowell and Frances Marsh Evens. She married John T. Underhill. Catharine Underhill died September 8, 1843 in her 42nd year.

Children of John T. Underhill and Catharine Underhill:

{C}a. Joseph E. Underhill (1827-1869)

C15. Joseph E. Underhill was the son of John T. Underhill and Catharine Underhill. HE was born May 11, 1837. Joseph E. Underhill died May 28, 1869. His headstone that is obviously a replacement has the epitaph: “The strife is over.”

Van Wyck

A14. Captain Abraham Van Wyck was a member of the Provincial Militia, and his sword is still preserved at his homestead at West Neck, Long Island. He married Elizabeth Wright, and their daughter Zeruah vowed she would never change her name, and kept her vow by marrying her cousin, Abraham Van Wyck.[16]

{C}{C A15. Elizabeth (Wright) Van Wyck, wife of Captain Abraham Van Wyck. In 1787 they settled at West Neck, Huntington. She outlived her husband by many years and came back to Oyster Bay to be with her family. Elizabeth Wright died January 21, 1823 at age 81.

Children of Captain Abraham Van Wyck and Elizabeth Wright:

{C}a. Zeruiah Van Wyck married her cousin Abraham Van Wyck.


Nicholas Wright (1559-1594)

Margaret Nelson (1549-1614)

Children of Nicholas Wright and Margaret Nelson:

{C}a. Peter Wright (1595-1663)

{C}b. Nicholas Wright (1609-1682)

Peter Wright was born in Wendling, England in 1595. He came to America in 1635 and was married to his wife Alice, May 1636 in Massachusetts.[17] He first resided at Lynn (then called Saugus), Massachusetts, before moving to Sandwich, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.[18] Peter Wright was one of three signers to the first purchase of Oyster Bay from Mohannes in 1653. He came to Oyster Bay along with his brother Nicholas Wright and other settlers from Salem, and Sandwich, Massachusetts, who were granted land at Oyster Bay in 1653. Peter and Alice had 11 children. Peter drowned in Virginia and died June 16, 1663. His son Gideon was appointed administrator of his late father’s estate.[19]

Alice Wright (1620-1685). She married Peter Wright. Following Peter’s death, Alice married Richard Crabbe on September 14, 1663. Alice Wright died herself on February 24, 1685, in Oyster Bay.[20]

Children of Peter Wright and Alice Wright:

{C}c. Gideon Wright (1638-1685)

{C}d. William Wright (1635-1648)

{C}e. Job Wright (1639-1706)

{C}f. Mary Wright (1642-1688)

{C}g. Hannah Wright (1646-1675)

{C}h. Sarah Wright (1648-1686)

{C}i. Mordecay Wright (1649-1650)

{C}j. Adam Wright (1650-1696)

{C}k. Peter Wright (1651-1651)

{C}l. Elizabeth Wright (1653-1677)

{C}m. Lydia Wright (1655-1713)

Gideon Wright was born July 1638 to Peter Wright and Alice Wright in Sandwich, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Townsend (1649-1698) in 1660. Elizabeth Townsend was the daughter of John Townsend. Gideon Wright died June 1685 in Oyster Bay at the age of 46.

Job Wright was born December 1639 to Peter Wright and Alice Wright in Sandwich, Massachusetts. He married Rachel Townsend and had several children. Job Wright was granted land on South Street in 1667 from his uncle Anthony Wright, which he promptly built a house upon. Later Job Wright conveyed the property and house to his son Anthony Wright. Anthony then sold the property to Rose Townsend, the widow of Justice John Townsend. Rose Townsend sold the property to her son-in-law, George Townsend in 1712. The same year the property was sold to Abraham Underhill. His son gave the property to his sister Sarah, the wife of James Dickinson. When the Dickinson’s moved to Dutchess County in 1748, the property was sold to Jacob Townsend and William Butler.[21] The land was divided and in 1750 Jacob Townsend sold his half to Alice Weeks.[22] The Job Wright House remained standing in Oyster Bay for nearly three hundred years before being purchased by the Town of Oyster Bay in 1948 and demolished, so an access road could be built to the new parking lot behind it.[23] Portions of the building were salvaged. The main supporting beams were later installed into the “Oyster Bay Room” at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware. In the 1960’s a modern building was built on the former site of the Job Wright House, and is today home of the popular Jack Halyards Restaurant.

B15. Nicholas Wright was born in 1609 in Wendling, Norfolk, England. After emigrating to America, he and several relatives found their way to Oyster Bay. He married his wife Ann Beaupre while in England. They came to the colonies together in August 1635 and settled in Saugus (Lynn), Massachusetts. In 1637 they were among the early settlers of Sandwich in the Plymouth Colony. They later moved to Oyster Bay along with Nicholas’ brother Peter Wright in 1653. They traveled on the sloop Desire that brought their goods and chattels to Oyster Bay.[24] Nicholas Wright was the brother of Peter Wright who some call the “founder of Oyster Bay” and who was the only one of the three original purchasers who settled in Oyster Bay.[25] Nicholas Wright was originally granted a portion of Lot #10 from the First Purchase of 1653. He agreed to give a portion of this property to his son Caleb for a homestead. Nicholas Wright included a provision in his will that after his and his wife’s death, Caleb Wright inherited the whole lot, plus the houses and orchards. Nicholas Wright at one time also owned part of Lot #10-A to the south, which he later sold to Benjamin Hubbard; and Lot #20 from William Crocker that he sold to his son John Wright in 1675 for his home lot. Nicholas Wright died November 16, 1682.[26]

Ann Beaupre (1609-1683).

Children of Nicholas Wright and Ann Beaupre:

{C}a. John Wright (1636 – 1707). Married Mary Townsend, daughter of Henry Townsend. They lived at a place later owned by B.T. Underhill. Their children included Rose, Eliphal, and Mary.[27]

{C}b. Edmund Wright (1640-1703)

{C}c. Peter Wright (1640-1675)

{C}d. Sarah Wright (1648-1720)

{C}e. Mercy Wright (1651-1708). Married Robert Coles.[28]

{C}f. Rebecca Wright (1655-1698)

{C}g. Tamar Wright

{C}h. Mary Wright

{C}i. Caleb Wright (1645-1694/95)

{C}j. Deborah Wright (abt 1648-1690)

Edmund Wright was a son of Nicholas Wright and Ann Beaupre, born about 1640 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Wright before 1666. He was a vestryman at St. George’s Church at Hempstead, Long Island. He married Sarah Wright in Sandwich.[29] Edmund Wright died in 1703 in Oyster Bay, New York.

Sarah Wright was born February 11, 1649, in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. She married Edmund Wright before 1666. [30] Sarah Wright died in 1686 in Oyster Bay, New York.

Children of Edmund Wright and Sarah Wright:

{C}a. Edmund Wright, born 1670 in Hempstead, Queens County, New York.

Edmund Wright, was son of Edmund Wright and Sarah Wright, born 1670 in Oyster Bay, Queens County, New York. Married Sarah Townsend in 1695 in Oyster Bay. Edmund Townsend died November 3, 1733 in Oyster Bay.

Sarah Townsend. Married Edmund Wright in 1695 in Oyster Bay.

Children of Edmund Wright and Sarah Townsend:

{C}a. Jotham Wright (born 1708)

{C}b. Daniel Wright (born abt 1710)

{C}c. Edmund Wright (born abt 1712)

{C}d. Nicholas Wright (born abt 1696)

{C}e. Zeruiah Wright (born 1715)

{C}f. Jacob Wright (born abt 1717)

{C}g. Thomas Wright (born abt 1720)

Dr. Thomas Wright of Eastchester, was the son of Edmond and Sarah Townsend of Oyster Bay. He married Elizabeth A. Cooper. Following the death of Elizabeth A. Cooper on January 12, 1755, he had two other wives. Dr. Thomas Wright died as a prisoner of war in New York City during the Revolutionary War.[31]

B4. Elizabeth Ann Cooper was born June 30, 1734, in Cove Neck. She married Doctor Thomas Wright of Eastchester. Elizabeth Cooper died in Eastchester on January 12, 1755, at the age of 20 years.

Children of Dr. Thomas Wright and Elizabeth A. Cooper:

{C}a. Sarah Wright (born March 30, 1752, died February 23, 1835)[32]

{C}b. Caleb Wright (born September 8, 1754, died March 12, 1765)[33]

{C}c. Elizabeth Wright (born August 30, 1761, died October 7, 1841)

B10. Elizabeth Wright, is the daughter of Thomas Wright and Elizabeth Ann Cooper. She was born August 30, 1761 and died October 7, 1841.[34]

B8. William Wright, was born October 21, 1748, son of John Wright and Zeruiah Wright. He married Elizabeth Wright. William Wright died March 11, 1820.

Children of William Wright and Elizabeth Wright:

{C}a. Susan Wright was born April 27, 1784, died July 18, 1843, at age 59 years.

{C}b. Caleb Wright was born July 8, 1787, and died February 9, 1847.

{C}c. Nancy Wright was born February 3, 1790, and died August 15, 1793.

{C}d. Mary Wright was born August 2, 1799, and died January 3, 1827.

D6. Susan Wright, daughter of William Wright and Elizabeth Wright, was born abt 1784 and died July 18, 1843, at age 59 years.

C1. Nancy Wright, daughter of William Wright and Elizabeth Wright, born February 3, 1790, and died August 15, 1793.

C2. Mary Wright, daughter of William Wright and Elizabeth Wright, born August 2, 1799, died January 3, 1827.

D5. Caleb Wright was born July 8, 1787, the son of William Wright and Elizabeth Wright. He died February 9, 1847.

D4. Sarah Buffett, wife of Caleb Wright, died February 18, 1878, at age 82 years and 6 months.

Children of Caleb Wright and Sarah Buffett:

{C}a. Mary Wright, born March 26, 1823, and died December 17, 1907.

{C}b. William Wright (died September 22, 1846)

{C}c. John Wright, born 1820, died 1905

D7. Mary Wright, daughter of Caleb Wright and Sarah Wright, was born March 26, 1823, and died December 17, 1907.

D3. William Wright, son of Caleb Wright and Sarah Buffett, died September 22, 1846, at age 29 years and 2 months.

{C}{C D1. Mary (Bockus) Wright was born January 21, 1811. She married William Wright. Mary (Bockus) Wright died May 31, 1891.

Children of William Wright and Mary (Bockus) Wright:

{C}a. Charles Caleb Wright (d. 1863)

D2. Charles Caleb Wright, son of William and Mary B. Wright. He was enlisted in the Navy during the Civil War.[35] He died November 5, 1863 at 22 years of age.

F5. John Wright was born October 20, 1820, the son of Caleb Wright and Sarah Buffett. He married Sophia Wright and had several children. John Wright died July 5, 1905 and is buried beside his wife in the Baptist Church Cemetery.

F4. Sophia Wright married John Wright. She had a daughter Julia (1854-1934), Fannie (died 1882), Myra Wright (died 1877), and William Wright (died 1854). Sophia Wright died January 16, 1876 in her 58th year.

Children of John Wright and Sophia Wright:

{C}a. Julia Wright (1854-1934)

{C}b. William Wright (died 1854)

{C}c. Albert A. Wright (died 1865)

{C}d. Myra Wright (died 1877)

{C}e. Fannie Wright (died 1882)

F3. William Wright is son of John Wright and Sophia Wright. He died October 11, 1854, at the age of 3 years and 5 days.

F8. Albert A. Wright, son of John Wright and Sophia Wright, died January 28, 1865, at age 24 years, 9 months, and 5 days.

F6. Myra Wright, daughter of John and Sophia Wright, died September 9, 1877 at age 27 years, 9 months, and 23 days.

F7. Fannie Wright, daughter of John and Sophia Wright, died September 13, 1882 at age 25 years, 9 months, and 4 days.

F9. Julia Wright, daughter of John & Sophia Wright, was born July 3, 1854 and died January 18, 1934.

Wright – Caleb Wright (son of Nicholas Wright)

Caleb Wright (1645-1695) was a son of Nicholas Wright (1609-1682). He was an early convert to Quakerism and the teachings of George Fox who visited Oyster Bay in 1671. Caleb Wright donated land to the Society of Friends for a meeting place on Caleb’s land. This was originally located on Caleb’s land along what is now Lexington Avenue. Within a few years a second, larger meeting house was built at the corner of South Street and Audrey Avenue.[36] Caleb Wright married Elizabeth Dickinson in 1677. Elizabeth Dickinson was the daughter of Captain John Dickinson and Elizabeth Howland. Captain John Dickinson was the Captain of the sloop Desire, owned by the Rev. Samuel Mayo that brought the first purchasers to Oyster Bay in 1653. Elizabeth is listed in the records of the New York Monthly Meeting as having been made a member of the Quakers since 1677. Elizabeth Howland was the daughter of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley who were both passengers on the Mayflower in 1620.[37]

Elizabeth Dickinson was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1562. She married Caleb Wright in 1677 and died in Oyster Bay.[38]

Children of Caleb Wright and Elizabeth Dickinson:

{C}a. William Wright (1680-1759) built the house at West Main Street in 1705. He was the son of Elizabeth Dickinson and Caleb Wright.[39]{C} He married Elizabeth Rhodes.{C}[40]

{C}b. Elizabeth Wright. Married Joseph Coles.

{C}c. Penelope Wright. Married David Reynolds of Greenwich, Connecticut.

William Wright (1680-1759) was the son of Caleb Wright (1634-1694) and Elizabeth Dickinson,[41] and grandson of Nicholas Wright (1609-1682) and Ann Wright. William Wright was born in Oyster Bay on December 8, 1680.[42] He built the house presently at 104 West Main Street in 1705. In 1706 William Wright married Elizabeth Rhodes (1689-1734) also of Long Island.[43] They had six children together: John Wright (1707-1749/50), Ann Wright (born 1720), Mary Wright (1714-1778), Sarah Wright (1719-1780), Elizabeth Wright (1722-1732), and Caleb Wright (1730-1752). William Wright donated land that the Historic Baptist Cemetery located on in 1720. In 1724 he gave permission for a meeting house to be built. On July 3, 1731, seven years after the meeting house had been built William Wright gave the congregation title to the lot on which it stood.[44] Later, that first church building was given to William Wright and relocated on his land where it decayed to the point of ruin. William Wright died on November 9, 1759.

Elizabeth (Rhodes) Wright was born July 29, 1689 in Oyster Bay. She married William Wright in 1706. Elizabeth Wright died October 8, 1734.

Children of William Wright and Elizabeth (Rhodes) Wright:

{C}a. John Wright (1707-1749/50)

{C}b. Ann Wright (born 1720)

{C}c. Mary Wright (1714-1778)

{C}d. Sarah Wright (1719-1780)

{C}e. Elizabeth Wright (1722-1732)

{C}f. Caleb Wright (1730-1752)

A7. Rev. Caleb Wright was the son of William Wright and Elizabeth Wright, born in 1730. Rev. Caleb Wright was a preacher of the gospel. He died October 27, 1752.[45]

Freelove Coles was born November 5, 1731, and died in 1780.

Children of Rev. Caleb Wright and Freelove Wright:

{C}a. Isaac Wright was born August 23, 1751, and died as an infant on September 26, 1752.

A8. Isaac Wright died as an infant on September 26, 1752, aged 13 months and 3 days. He is buried beside his father who died the same year. An inscription on his headstone read: “Sleep on Sweet Babe, Til Gabrils Trump Shall Sound, To wake the Righteous Under Ground.”

C7. John Wright was born March 27, 1707 in Oyster Bay. He was the son of William Wright and Elizabeth Wright, and grandson of Caleb Wright and Elizabeth Dickerson, and of John and Dinah Rhodes of Oyster Bay. He married Zeruiah Wright on April 15, 1736. They had several children together including John Wright, Elizabeth Wright, Anne Wright, Nicholas Wright, and William Wright. John Wright died on January 12, 1750. His will dated March 22, 1750 left his wife Zeruiah £50 and a bed.

{C}{C C6. Zeruiah Wright was born 1715 in Cedar Swamp. She was the daughter of Edmund Wright II and Sarah Townsend. Zeruiah married John Wright on April 15, 1736. Zeruiah Wright died September 17, 1791 at 76 years of age.[46]

Children of John Wright and Zeruiah Wright:

{C}a. John Wright (died 1813)

{C}b. Elizabeth Wright (1741-1823). Married Abraham Van Wyck. Died 1823.

{C}c. Anne Wright

{C}d. Nicholas Wright

{C}e. William Wright (1748-1820)

C8. William Wright, son of John Wright and Zeruiah Wright, died September 12, 1740, at 3 years, 6 months, and 9 days.

{C}{C Anne Wright, daughter of John Wright and Zeruiah Wright, married William Rhodes. Their daughter Dinah Rhodes went on to marry Robert Crooker. Both Robert and Dinah Crooker are buried in the Baptist Church Cemetery.

{C}{C C5. John Wright, son of John Wright and Zeruiah Wright, lived in Cedar Swamp. He died January 16, 1813.

{C}{C For B9. William Wright see Wright – Nicholas Wright section'

{C}{C {C}{C


Patti's Cemetery Website {C}{C

Old Quaker - Baptist Burying Ground
Oyster Bay, New York {C}{C

This information was found at the Oyster Bay Village Historical Society {C}{C

Entered from #64 Orchard Street, Oyster Bay Village. Now maintained by the Town. Said to be the oldest burial place in Oyster Bay; original Indian purchaser Peter Wright is probably buried here. It stands on the lot laid out to Nicholas Wright, the Andros Petentee and brother of Peter, in 1653. In 1720 William Wright deeded 40 feet square to the Baptist Society. Early Quaker and Baptists were similar in creed and probably both used it. {C}{C

Copied November 12, 1961 {C}{C

Julia, daughter of John and Sophia Wright, July 3, 1854 - Jan. 18, 1934 {C}{C

Albert A., son of John and Sophia Wirght, d. Jan 28, 1865, aged 24 years, 9 months, 5 days {C}{C

Fannie, youngest daughter of John and Sophia Wright, d. Sept. 13, 1882, aged 25 years, 9 months, 4 days {C}{C

Myra, youngest daughter of John and Sophia Wright, d. Sept. 9, 1877 aged 27 years 9 months 23 days {C}{C

John Wright, Oct. 20, 1820 - July 5, 1905 {C}{C

Sophia, wife of John Wright, d. Jan. 16, 1876 in her 58th year {C}{C

William, son of John and Sophia Wright, d. Oct. 11, 1854 aged 3 years. 5 ds. {C}{C

Mary Hill, d. June 20, 1894 aged 86 years 3 months {C}{C

Henry, son of Marmaduke and Mary Earle, Dec. 3, 1798 - May 8, 1879 {C}{C

Rev. Marmaduke Earle, 50 Years Baptist minister at Oyster Bay, d. 1851 {C}{C

Mary, wife of Rev. Marmaduke Earle, d. June 25, 1832 aged 63 years 21 days {C}{C

Ann M., daughter of Rev. Marmaduke and Mary Earle, d. Jan. 5, 1832 in her 55th year {C}{C

Mary Ferris, daughter of Marmaduke and Mary Earle, June 10, 1806 - June 3, 1874 {C}{C

Mary Bockus, wife of William Wright, Jan. 32, 1811 - May 31, 1891 {C}{C

Charles Caleb, son of William and Mary B. Wright, d. Nov. 5, 1863 in his 22nd year {C}{C

William Wright, d. Sept. 22, 1846 aged 29 years 2 months {C}{C

Sarah, wife of Caleb Wright, d. Feb. 18, 1878 aged 82 years 6 months {C}{C

Caleb, son of William and Elizabeth Wright, d. Feb. 9, 1847 aged 59 years 7 months 4 days {C}{C

Susan, daughter of William and Elizabeth Wright, d. July 18, 1843 aged 59 years - months 22 days {C}{C

Mary, daughter of Caleb and Sarah Wright, Mar. 26, 1823 - Dec. 17, 1907 {C}{C

In Memory of Robert Crooker who departed this life March 24, 1773 in the 82nd year of his age {C}{C

Alfo Dianah, the Wife of Robert Crooker; who departed this Life May the 8th 1773 in the 81st Year of her Age. (red sandstone) {C}{C

In Memory of Sarah Butler, who Died Octr 4th 1790 Aged 66 years (red sandstone) {C}{C

Here Lies the Body of Isaiah Townsend son of Mr John and Mrs Sarah Towsend Aged 2 Years lacking three Days then Departed this Life January y 20th day A D 1749/50 an Epitaph O Happy Babe so early fled away, From this vile earth to realms .. hast thou known ... (gray slate - rest below ground) {C}{C

Fieldstone'' {C}{C

Here Lies y Body of William Wright, Eldest Son of Mr John & Mrs Zerviah Wright Who Departed this Life September y 12th 1740 Aged 3 Years 6 Mo & 9 D .. '(gray slate, angel - broken off) {C}{C

(gray slate stone - sunken except for angel at top) {C}{C

In Memory of Zeruiah Wright Wife of John Wright who departed this ... (red sandstone, angel, broken off) {C}{C

John Wright of Cedar Swamp, d. 16 Jan. 1813 in his 76 year {C}{C

William Wright d. 18 ..? ... (very worn marble) {C}{C

Elizabeth, his wife ? d. 1841 ? (very worn marble) {C}{C

Mary, daughter of William and Elizabeth Wright ... (worn) {C}{C

--- mory of Nancy, Daughter of William & Elizabeth Wright who died Aug. 15th 1793 Aged 3 Years 4 M 12 D. (red sandstone, crumbling) {C}{C

In Memory of a still born Infant a Son of Docr. Juftus & Sally Storrs AD 1787 (red sandstone - angel) {C}{C

In Memory of Joseph Cooper who departed this life Nov. 25th 1778 ... (red sandstone, angel) (note: Cooper ____ of Coopers Bluff, Cove Neck) {C}{C

In Memory of Mary Cooper Wife of Joseph Cooper who departed this life Aug 22 1778 in the 65th Year of his age. (red sandstone, angel) (note: her uncle was Rev. Caleb Wright) {C}{C

In Memory of Elizabeth, the once Amiable consort of Doctr Thomas Wright of Eastchester Who Deptd This Life Jany 12th 1755 Aged 20 Years .. (red sandstone, angel) {C}{C

Here lies the Body of Martha Cooper Daur of Mr Joseph & Mrs Mary Cooper Ages 12 Years 4 Months & 20 Days ... parted this Life ... 15, 1749. (gray slate, angel, half buried) {C}{C

Here lies the Body of Mary Cooper[47] Daur of Mr Joseph & Mrs Mary Cooper Born February ye 7th 1749/50 and Deceased ye same Day (gray slate, angel, fallen) {C}{C

In Memory of Esther Wheeler Wife of Amaziah Wheeler who departed this life Feb. 11th 1778 in the 34th Year of her Age. (red Sandstone, angel) (note: she was dau. of Joseph and Mary Cooper) {C}{C

In M...ory of Will ... right ... (red sandstone - angel) {C}{C

In Memory of Elizabeth Wright Wife of William Wright who departed this life ---8th ---, (broken stone) {C}{C

4 illegible fieldstones {C}{C

.... of .... ..igh. .... 168. (fieldstone: with chalk the preceding letters became clear. Supposed by the compilers to mark the grave of Andros Patentee Nicholas Wright, who first owned this land, and who d. in 1681 or 1682) {C}{C

broken red stone {C}{C

Doct. Justus Storrs, d. Dec. 3, 1818 aged 62 {C}{C

Sarah, Relict of Justus Storrs, d. Feb. 23, 1835 aged 83 {C}{C

Here Lyes the Body of Mr. Caleb Wright Preacher of the Gospel Departed this Life October the 27th The Year of our Lord 1752 Aged 22 Years & 17 Days. This Pious Herald Quits the dusty Stage To Joyn the Choir Above ... {C}{C

Here Lyes the Body of Isaac Wright Son to Caleb & Freelove Wright Departed This Life September the 26, 1752 Aged 13 Months and 3 Days. Sleep on Sweet Babe Til Gabrils Trump Shall Sound to wake the Rightious ... (red sandstone, top broken off) {C}{C

John A. Hammond, D. Feb. 23, 1826 aged 35? {C}{C

(4 stones unreadable as they are directly against the fence) {C}{C

(the following stones are outside the main fence) {C}{C

In Memory of Sarah Townsend who died April th 27th 1780 Ages 61 years * {C}{C

In Memory of John Townsend who died ye 22d of December 1786 in the 83d Year of his age .. (these 2 are very large, red sandstone) * {C}{C

Ephraim Townsend, died 13 Feb. 1799 AE 47 This monument ... by order of his daughter Sarah W. Townsend, whose remains we deposited ... Lloyds Neck were she died 30 April 1819 (marble) {C}{C

John T. Underhill, son of Jacob and Sarah, d. Aug. 18, 1838 aged 36 years 9 months 26 days. '(son of Jacob and Sarah Silleck Underhill; lived in Mill Neck and Brooklyn) {C}{C

Catherine, wife of John T. Underhill, d. Sept. 8, 1843 in her 42nd year. (she was dau. of Crowell and Frances Marsh Evans) {C}{C

Joseph E. Underhill, May 11, 1827 - May 28, 1869. The Strife is Over. (prob. a son of John T.) {C}{C

Catherine M. Underhill, d. June 5, 1878 aged 73 years 8 months 4 days. At Rest (maiden name Mannell; wid. of Peter S. Underhill below) {C}{C

Peter S. Underhill, d. May 10, 1877 aged 70 years 1 month 5 days. He giveth His beloved sleep. (son of Isaac and Betsey, he lived in Brooklyn) {C}{C

Elizabeth S. Underhill, daughter of Peter S. and Matilda Underhill, Nov. 5, 1835 - Nov. --, 1850 (verse) {C}{C

Isaac Underhill, d. Sept. 18, 1831 aged 54 years 5 days. (Father of Peter S., above. He was son of Peter and Etherlinda Underhill) {C}{C

Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Underhill, d. March 2, 1832 (or 1822) aged ... (41) .. (She was Isaac's wife, dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah Slawson Silleck, for whom see index. was called Betsey.) {C}{C

Phebe Durling, relict of Henry Durling, d. Jan. 25, 1846 in her 85th year. (she was dau. of house carpenter Daniel Underhill of Oyster Bay Cove, niece of Rev. Peter Underhill below. no issue) {C}{C

Elizabeth, wife of Henry Durlin, d. Nov. 24, c 1821 aged 51 (red sandstone. Rev. Peter's daughter, and Henry's first wife) {C}{C

Henry Durling, d. Sept. 17, 1843 in his 80th years {C}{C

Rev. Peter Underhill , d. June 24, 1806 aged 69 years 5 months (son of Peter and Penelope Underhill, and Baptist minister in Oyster Bay) '''''* {C}{C

M---- ---- of Marmaduke and Mary Earle, d. May 9, 19805 aged 7 months. (red sandstone) {C}{C

Jacob Underhill, d. April 24, 1842 aged 35. (fallen stone. This is problem the son of Rev. Peter and father of John T., though he is sup by the book to have d. July 21, 1812. Lived Oyster Bay) {C}{C

Sarah Underhill, wife of Jacob Underhill, d. Dec. 7, 1822 aged 46 years 10 months 21 day s. (This is definetely Rev. Peter's daughter-in-law and John T.'s mother She was a dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah Slawson Silleck) {C}{C

illegible sandstone {C}{C

Ethelinda, --- the Rev. --- Underhill who departed this life Aprill 18, 1803 aged 62 years 9 monthe 18 days. (red sandstone; fallen and out of place; she was Rev. Peter's wife; maiden name Townsend) *

Elizabeth, wife of James Rice d. Dec. 6, 1855 aged 43 years

{C}{C Elizabeth, Relict of Abraham Van Wyck, died Jan. 21, 1823 Ae 81. Be ye not slothfull, but followers of them who throught faith and patience inherit the provide (maiden name Wright. Her husb. was Captain in the Provincial Militia and a Troy. In 1787 they settle at West Neck, Huntington. Sup. she outlived him by many years and came back to her family at O.B.)

{C}{C NOTE: Rev. Peter Underhill m. Ethelinda, dau. of John and Sarah (Wright) Townsend. Peter was Elder of the Baptist Chruch, but "Madam" Townsend, a woman preacher," was manifestly the ruling spirit." per Charles S. Nightman's Hisotry of the Baptist Chruch, 1873.


Descendants List For

Sarah Wright and Edmond Wright

As Of - 22 Jan 2000

Sarah, a descendant of Peter Wright

Edmond, a descendant of Nicholas Wright

Peter and Nicholas are brothers

1-Sarah Sara Wright (11 Feb 1648-) [Descendant of Peter of Oyster Bay]

sp: Edmond Edward Edman Wright (abt 1645-Oct 1703)

2-Nicholas Wright (bet 1660 and 1685-)

2-Caleb Wright (bet 1660 and 1685-)

2-Jotham Wright (bet 1660 and 1685-)

2-Daniel Wright (bet 1660 and 1685-aft 1714)

sp: Eliphal Wright (-24 Sep 1740)

2-Thomas Wright (bet 1660 and 1685-)

2-Edmond Edmund Wright (1670-Oct 1733)

sp: Sarah Townsend (bet 1670 and 1680-aft 1746)

3-Nicholas Wright (abt 1700-)

3-Jotham Wright (1708-20 Jul 1777)

sp: Tabiatha Sammis (1714-6 Aug 1777)

4-Jotham Wright (bet 1745 and 1752-)

sp: Elizabeth Dusenbury (bet 1750 and 1760-)

5-David Wright (14 Dec 1779-29 Aug 1835)

5-Eliza Wright (10 May 1780-28 Jan 1884)

sp: William Willson (1796-24 Mar 1844)

5-John Wright (30 Nov 1782-31 Jan 1861)

5-Sally Wright (28 Jan 1787-)

4-Sarah Wright (Feb 1754-17 May 1784)

4-Samuel Wright (27 Aug 1761-5 Jul 1806)

sp: Phebe Cheesman (27 May 1766-14 Jan 1850)

5-Sarah Wright (28 Jul 1787-8 Aug 1789)

5-Joseph Cheesman Wright (1 Jan 1790-18 Jan 1834)

5-Mary Wright (12 Sep 1792-14 Nov 1876)

sp: Benjamin Lyon (13 Dec 1792-4 Feb 1871)

6-Samuel Wright Lyon (-)

5-Sarah Wright (15 Mar 1795-8 Nov 1884)

sp: James Degray Oliver (13 Dec 1792-4 Feb 1871)

6-Emily Augusta Oliver (21 Oct 1814-8 Mar 1891)

sp: Joseph Irenaeus West (11 Apr 1809-14 Jun 1893)

7-James Oliver West (17 Apr 1833-3 Oct 1900)

sp: Estella Lugar (10 May 1839-23 Mar 1920)

8-Emily Augusta West (12 Dec 1860-)

sp: James Oliver Degray Vanderbilt (14 May 1852-)

8-William Norman West (26 Dec 1862-)

sp: Carrie Viola Broadhurst (18 Oct 1865-)

8-Stella Louise West (11 Sep 1864-)

8-James Oliver West (19 Jun 1868-)

8-Rodney Lugar West (22 Aug 1871-26 Dec 1908)

sp: Amelia Grether (-)

sp: Irene Harvey (-)

8-Irene Appleby West (9 Dec 1873-2 Nov 1879)

8-Ethel Appleby West (9 Dec 1873-8 May 1874)

8-Joseph Irenaeus West (1 Jul 1876-)

sp: Evelyn Clayton Kingman (2 Feb 1873-)

8-Charles Warren West (16 Apr 1878-16 Jul 1878)

8-Frederick Percy West (13 Feb 1880-)

sp: Elizabeth Ferguson Bugg (-)

7-Joseph Augustus West (4 Jun 1835-17 Mar 1842)

7-William Orrin West (23 Aug 1837-16 Apr 1841)

7-William Brownlee West (6 Jul 1840-16 Apr 1841)

7-Josephine Augusta West (7 May 1844-)

sp: Francis Edgar Johnson (17 Feb 1846-)

8-Stephen Seguine Johnson (19 Dec 1869-)

sp: Elizabeth Loutrel (14 Sep 1874-)

8-Joseph West Johnson (24 Jul 1871-Nov 1882)

8-Emily Augusta Johnson (3 Sep 1874-)

sp: Frank Marsten London (-)

8-Florence Josephine Johnson (31 Oct 1875-)

8-Francis Edgar Johnson (2 Aug 1882-)

sp: Elga deleslian Horn (9 Jan 1886-)

8-Joseph West Johnson (12 May 1884-)

sp: Carrie Bertrine Hinckley (12 Dec 1886-)

8-Wallace Collister Johnson (5 Oct 1896-)

sp: Anges White Langhorne (30 Mar 1900-)

7-Joseph Granville West (9 Jun 1846-16 Feb 1910)

sp: Adelia Grant Robinson (6 Sep 1848-16 Mar 1893)

7-Edwin West (2 Sep 1850-14 Dec 1850)

6-William Henry Oliver (8 May 1817-26 Dec 1860)

sp: Mary Matthew (1816-21 Oct 1850)

6-Edwin Wright Oliver (23 Oct 1821-3 May 1846)

sp: Mary Cuthell (1822-18 Feb 1861)

5-Harriet Wright (20 Aug 1797-14 Jan 1835)

sp: George Stringham Weekes (5 Sep 1794-10 Jan 1835)

6-Warren Wright Weekes (17 Mar 1821-18 Oct 1835)

6-Alfred Munroe Weekes (26 Oct 1823-29 Jan 1888)

sp: Celina Ketcham (2 Jan 1840-)

7-George Alfred Weekes (18 Jun 1859-)

7-Henrietta Weekes (11 Dec 1860-)

7-Grace Louise Weekes (15 May 1862-29 Aug 1862)

7-Arthur Pardee Weekes (2 Sep 1863-)

7-Hobart Weekes (12 Aug 1867-)

6-Susan Emily Weekes (10 Nov 1826-28 Jun 1880)

sp: George Washington Colton (4 Jul 1829-22 Jun 1916)

7-Frederick Weekes Colton (25 Aug 1856-)

sp: Alice May Saul (22 Oct 1861-)

7-Harriette Amanda Colton (15 May 1858-)

7-Howard Irving Colton (1 Sep 1862-)

sp: Maggie Steele (4 Apr 1866-)

6-Mary Jane Weekes (19 Mar 1829-)

6-Harriet Weekes (5 Jan 1835-)

5-Charles Sammis Wright (21 Apr 1800-3 Jul 1887)

5-Susan Wright (9 Jan 1804-6 Aug 1829)

4-Augustus Wright (8 May 1765-28 Mar 1819)

sp: Katharine Bogart (21 Mar 1770-2 May 1806)

5-Maria Bogart Wright (19 Apr 1790-24 Jan 1873)

sp: James Valentine Seaman (31 Mar 1798-1 Mar 1857)

6-Sarah Wright Seaman (26 Dec 1824-4 Jan 1868)

sp: Francis Lasak (-28 Jan 1881)

7-Margaret Seaman Lasak (3 Feb 1856-)

sp: Frank Linsly Ives (1 Oct 1849-22 Mar 1912)

6-Margaret Leggett Seaman (20 May 1826-18 Mar 1912)

sp: Stephen Gorham Paddock (22 Apr 1828-19 Jan 1921)

7-James Valentine Seaman Paddock (18 Aug 1856-7 Aug 1907)

sp: Annie Jeannette Gilmore (25 Sep 1857-)

7-Richard Bolles Paddock (2 Dec 1859-9 Mar 1901)

sp: Grace Pershing (29 Mar 1869-24 Apr 1904)

7-Stephen Wright Paddock (6 Jan 1863-27 Aug 1863)

7-Margaret Seaman Paddock (3 Feb 1866-)

sp: Herbert M McKee (26 Sep 1863-)

6-Mariana Seaman (24 Mar 1828-2 Mar 1898)

sp: Jordan Lawrence Mott (10 Nov 1829-26 Jul 1915)

7-Marie Mott (11 Feb 1854-)

sp: Charles Frasier Maclean (-)

sp: William M Olliffe (-9 Mar 1885)

7-Jordan Lawrence Mott (13 May 1857-)

sp: Katharine J Purdy (-)

8-Augustus Wright Purdy (25 Aug 1860-2 Jul 1911)

7-Augustus Wright Mott (25 Aug 1860-2 Jul 1911)

6-Wright Seaman (8 Dec 1829-6 Apr 1862)

6-Katherine Seaman (1 Jan 1833-4 Jun 1916)

sp: Francis Morris Randell (17 Mar 1833-28 Nov 1904)

7-Mariana Randell (18 Oct 1857-29 Apr 1859)

7-Belle Randell (25 Feb 1860-3 Feb 1862)

7-Caroline Randell (3 Sep 1861-)

sp: John Evans Evenden (16 Sep 1853-2 Nov 1911)

7-Emily Randell (11 Nov 1863-)

sp: Lucius Devoe Browne (7 Oct 1838-28 Jun 1921)

7-Marie Seaman Randell (23 Jun 1856-)

sp: William Pinkney Randle (8 Jul 1859-)

6-James John Seaman (8 Aug 1835-28 Aug 1900)

sp: Ellen O Robertson (1835-8 Oct 1912)

7-Alice Seaman (14 Aug 1858-)

sp: Edward Sanderson Hoe (24 Mar 1855-25 Feb 1921)

7-James Valentine Seaman (16 Jan 1861-)

sp: Matille Prigge (2 Feb 1883-)

7-Mariana Seaman (15 May 1856-)

7-Kate Seaman (3 Feb 1867-4 Apr 1897)

sp: Frederick Howard Hoe (23 Sep 1858-)

8-William Robertson Hoe (20 Nov 1872-)

5-Sallie Latham Wright (26 Dec 1791-19 Jan 1822)

sp: Alfred Deforest (abt 1790-)

6-David Lambert Deforest (22 Apr 1821-30 Oct 1831)

5-Margaret Pick Wright (16 Jan 1794-16 Apr 1878)

sp: William Haight Leggett (15 Apr 1789-23 Dec 1863)

6-Augustus Wright Leggett (11 Jun 1816-12 Jan 1884)

sp: Eliza Seaman (9 May 1815-Feb 1900)

7-Mortimer Allen Leggett (18 Oct 1837-)

sp: Jane Mais Whitehead (8 Aug 1839-12 Jul 1874)

7-Percival Seaman Leggett (8 Jan 1839-1 Sep 1864)

7-William Haight Leggett (7 Nov 1840-Feb 1921)

sp: Anna Beardslee (-Mar 1910)

7-Margaret Wright Leggett (27 Apr 1843-)

sp: Lewis T Ives (4 Aug 1833-13 Dec 1894)

7-Emma Leggett (26 Sep 1854-14 Jun 1863)

7-Anna Seaman Leggett (19 Apr 1848-)

sp: William Henry Christian (2 Dec 1845-11 May 1911)

sp: Corrydon C Randall (14 Jun 1846-Aug 1907)

7-Elizabeth Hicks Leggett (18 Oct 1849-21 Oct 1912)

sp: Adolph Barthel (17 Sep 1844-)

7-Augusta Wright Leggett (14 Nov 1851-30 Dec 1903)

sp: Elisha Brooks Pease (24 Dec 1848-16 Aug 1895)

7-Catharine Maria Leggett (5 Feb 1854-6 Mar 1855)

7-Henrietta Eastman Leggett (20 Dec 1855-15 Feb 1856)

7-Blanche Irving Leggett (22 May 1860-8 Aug 1922)

sp: James Whittemore (31 Oct 1860-)

6-Catharine Maria Leggett (19 Nov 1817-26 Nov 1890)

sp: William M Allen (25 Nov 1814-14 Dec 1878)

7-Margaret Leggett Allen (12 Jan 1841-22 Oct 1913)

sp: Emerson Foote (28 Apr 1837-23 Jan 1908)

7-Sarah Allen (7 Oct 1846-)

sp: Charles Dennis Belden (9 Jan 1843-1910)

6-Samuel Mott Leggett (28 Mar 1820-24 Jul 1883)

sp: Julia Coles (abt 1824-4 Nov 1850)

7-Oscar Coles Leggett (6 Jun 1854-)

sp: Addie V Bird (8 Nov 1851-)

7-Julia Cowles Leggett (18 Sep 1847-)

sp: Hedden Alvin Whitehead (12 Sep 1842-)

sp: Lucy A Cowles (20 Oct 1836-)

sp: Deborah Williams Phelps (1829-26 May 1871)

7-Ada Louise Leggett (10 Mar 1854-)

sp: Edward Chester Smith (1 Oct 1845-)

7-Alfred Augustus Leggett (1 Jan 1857-7 Nov 1875)

6-Edward Wright Leggett (12 Sep 1821-15 Jan 1865)

sp: Susan Gerardus (17 Aug 1821-9 Jun 1884)

7-Edward Wright Leggett (30 Sep 1842-9 Jun 1884)

sp: Margaret Stafford Worth (22 Aug 1847-)

7-Catharine Maria Leggett (9 Jun 1844-)

sp: William E White (23 Jan 1840-)

7-Frederick Augustus Leggett (5 Nov 1845-3 Aug 1920)

sp: Kate Shepherd (12 Jun 1846-)

7-Julia Bryant Leggett (17 Oct 1848-8 Jul 1867)

sp: Augustus Robinson (-)

7-George Fox Leggett (15 Jun 1850-12 Jan 1874)

7-Herbert Leggett (4 Mar 1852-22 Feb 1853)

7-Allen Leggett (17 Nov 1853-12 Jan 1869)

7-Susan Bertha Leggett (14 Apr 1856-)

sp: Frederick H Martin (17 Jan 1854-)

7-Charles Place Leggett (3 May 1860-21 Feb 1894)

sp: Anna Elizabeth Van_Winkle (13 Oct 1861-)

7-Lester Gerard Leggett (17 May 1861-)

sp: Edythe Wood Beach (8 Aug 1879-)

6-Thomas Bogart Leggett (27 May 1823-1 Apr 1895)

sp: Sarah Maria Huggins (1 Aug 1826-13 Feb 1902)

7-Edward Howard Leggett (2 Dec 1845-)

sp: Georgiana Clapp (29 Nov 1850-)

7-Clinton Huggins Leggett (26 Jul 1847-)

sp: Josephine Louise Morgan (-)

7-Ellen Bowman Leggett (2 Sep 1850-8 Jul 1854)

7-William Thomas Leggett (1 Nov 1852-9 Oct 1909)

sp: Kate Adelia Bagnall (3 Aug 1864-)

7-Norton Wright Leggett (21 Jul 1855-11 Dec 1859)

7-Florence Huggins Leggett (12 Aug 1863-)

7-Maud Leggett (25 Apr 1867-20 Aug 1867)

6-John Wright Leggett (5 Jan 1826-24 Dec 1887)

sp: Mary Elizabeth Huggins (12 Apr 1826-13 Mar 1903)

7-Fanny Maria Leggett (5 Mar 1852-)

sp: David Fletcher Porter (Dec 1844-10 Oct 1897)

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sp: Frederick Leander Bingham (19 Dec 1865-)

6-William Haight (1st) Leggett (2 Oct 1827-8 Jun 1829)

6-George Fox Leggett (14 Jan 1829-1 Sep 1887)

sp: Charlotte Leggett Macy (6 Sep 1883-aft 1923)

7-Sarah Fox Leggett (30 Sep 1853-1 Dec 1914)

sp: Edward Day Thurston (4 Mar 1851-)

6-William Haight (2nd) Leggett (14 Jul 1831-6 Aug 1832)

6-Francis William Leggett (29 Jul 1833-11 Feb 1907)

sp: Laura Lacey Acker (1 May 1843-20 Mar 1899)

7-Laura Lacey Leggett (1 Jan 1865-)

7-Lacey Wright Leggett (16 Feb 1875-5 Aug 1875)

6-Edgar Leggett (1835-)

5-David Sammis Wright (19 Feb 1796-1 Aug 1822)

5-Augustus Wright (2 Jan 1798-2 Mar 1798)

5-Augustus Wright (1 Jan 1799-12 Jun 1818)

5-John Bogart Wright (29 Apr 1801-29 Jul 1858)

5-Edward Augustus Wright (19 Apr 1803-17 Sep 1880)

5-Catharine Augusta Wright (2 Sep 1805-3 Sep 1857)

sp: Henry Augustus James Nelson (11 Sep 1804-13 Dec 1861)

6-James Nelson (2 Feb 1827-10 Sep 1871)

6-Henry Augustus Nelson (5 Dec 1828-24 Apr 1877)

6-Eugene Nelson (2 Mar 1831-16 Mar 1835)

6-Sarah Maria Nelson (17 Feb 1833-6 Aug 1900)

sp: Edward G Hilton (14 Nov 1830-13 Oct 1897)

6-Wright Nelson (25 Mar 1835-31 May 1881)

6-Gilbert Allen Nelson (3 Oct 1839-11 Feb 1897)

6-Mary Nelson (Feb 1844-)

sp: Francis Hussey Macy (30 Jul 1843-23 Feb 1921)

7-Nelson Macy (2 Oct 1869-)

sp: Edith Virginia Matthews (3 Mar 1874-1 Feb 1922)

sp: Katharine Jean Burchell (8 Mar 1871-17 Feb 1905)

7-Bertha Macy (19 Nov 1875-)

sp: Edgar Wakeman Van_Vleck (26 Sep 1872-)

6-Horatio Nelson (5 Feb 1847-2 May 1908)

3-Daniel Wright (abt 1710-Mar 1781)

sp: Eliphal Townsend (-)

3-Thomas Wright (abt 1719-bef 28 Apr 1777)

sp: Elizabeth Ann Cooper (30 Jun 1734-12 Jan 1755)

4-Sarah Wright (30 Mar 1752-23 Feb 1835)

sp: Justus Storrs (11 Oct 1755-3 Dec 1818)

5-Cooper Storrs (15 Sep 1788-17 Feb 1864)

5-Lucy Storrs (22 Oct 1790-12 Nov 1856)

5-Joseph Storrs (28 Nov 1794-25 Dec 1871)

sp: Ann Townsend Alsop (11 Aug 1803-26 May 1873)

6-Richard Alsop Storrs (17 Jan 1830-11 May 1896)

sp: Cornelia Keeler (17 Jan 1830-18 Apr 1912)

6-Electra Ann Storrs (20 Aug 1833-11 May 1814)

sp: Milton Oliver Craft (4 Sep 1830-25 Jan 1866)

6-Henry Justus Storrs (15 Feb 1836-)

6-Helen Judith Storrs (21 Jul 1839-6 May 1854)

6-Mary Louisa Storrs (17 Aug 1848-)

4-Caleb Wright (8 Sep 1754-)

sp: Anna Groesbeck (-20 Mar 1766)

4-John Groesbeck Grosbeck Wright (8 Jan 1757-Sep 1794)

sp: Phoebe Bartow (1759-)

5-Deryck Wright (1785-)

5-Grosbeck Wright (1786-)

5-Susanna Wright (1789-)

5-Hannah Wright (1791-)

sp: Cornelius Stevenson Bartow (-)

sp: Charity Bartow (1765-)

4-Elizabeth Wright (30 Aug 1761-7 Oct 1841)

sp: William Wright (21 Oct 1748-11 Mar 1820)

5-Susannah Wright (26 Apr 1784-18 Jul 1843)

5-Caleb Wright (8 Jul 1787-9 Feb 1847)

5-Nancy Wright (3 Feb 1790-15 Aug 1793)

5-Mary Wright (2 Aug 1799-3 Jan 1827)

4-Thomas Wright (20 Jun 1763-6 Jan 1764)

sp: Nancy ______ (-)

4-Steven Wright (25 Nov 1770-22 Nov 1834)

sp: Elizabeth Wright (Apr 1776-7 Oct 1802)

5-William Wright (28 Mar 1800-22 May 1874)

sp: Sally Ann Weeks (20 Jan 1802-24 Nov 1866)

6-Martha Frances Wright (13 Jul 1827-)

sp: Thomas Conway (-)

sp: Martha Dodge (-)

5-Daniel Wright (24 Jan 1809-29 Apr 1892)

sp: Mary Frost Mott (-)

6-Stephen Mott Wright (16 Aug 1841-aft 1899)

6-Joseph Henry Wright (agy 1843-)

4-Infant Wright (12 Apr 1774-)

4-Thomas Wright (11 Jun 1776-)

3-Edmund Wright (abt 1716-1750)

3-Jacob Wright (abt 1716-)

3-Zeruiah Zerviah Lerviah Wright (1715-17 Sep 1791)

sp: John Wright (27 Mar 1707-12 Jan 1750)

4-John Wright (1737-)

sp: Margaret Floyd (abt 1743-)

sp: Sarah Van_Wyck (abt 1743-)

4-William Wright (1738-12 Sep 1740)

4-Elizabeth Wright (2 Sep 1741-21 Jan 1823)

sp: Abraham Van_Wyck (22 Mar 1738-5 Feb 1809)

5-Rhoda Van_Wyck (11 Sep 1762-6 Jun 1852)

sp: Isaac Hewlett (28 Mar 1760-15 May 1836)

5-Sarah Van_Wyck (16 Oct 1769-19 Aug 1795)

sp: Coles Wortman (-)

5-Zeruah Van_Wyck (15 Oct 1771-22 May 1851)

sp: Abraham Van_Wyck (21 Oct 1767-30 Jan 1852)

4-Nicholas Wright (27 Mar 1744-21 Sep 1795)

sp: Rachel Weeks (11 Oct 1752-29 Jul 1833)

5-John Wright (9 Feb 1772-)

5-Samuel Townsend Wright (17 Feb 1774-aft 1 Nov 1813)

5-Elizabeth Wright (8 Apr 1776-)

5-William Wright (29 Jun 1778-)

5-Daniel Wright (25 Jun 1780-)

5-Nicholas Wright (8 Oct 1783-)

5-Phebe Wright (24 Jun 1786-)

sp: Job Weeks (-)

5-Joshua Wright (6 Dec 1788-)

5-Job Wright (14 Apr 1791-)

4-Ann Anne Wright (27 Aug 1746-11 Feb 1836)

sp: Joshua Hammond (1750-27 Feb 1826)

sp: Robert Crooker (1736-)

4-William Wright (21 Oct 1748-11 Mar 1820)

sp: Elizabeth Wright (30 Aug 1761-7 Oct 1841)

2-Jacob Wright (bet 1660 and 1685-)

sp: Antje Roe (-)

3-Susanna Wright (29 May 1726-)

2-Lerviah Wright (bet 1660 and 1685-)

2-Sarah Wright (1685-1754)

sp: Samuel Birdsell (-)

3-Sarah Birdsall (bet 11 Sep 1710 and 1719-23 May 1799)

sp: Wright Coles (20 Sep 1704-23 Feb 1765)

4-Nathaniel Coles (-4 Jan 1814)

sp: Hannah Butler (-17 Jan 1838)

5-John B Coles (-)

sp: Elizabeth Underhill (-)

6-Eliza Coles (-)

6-Benjamin Coles (-)

6-John B Coles (-)

sp: Eliza Coles (-)

7-Frederick Coles (-)

sp: Jane Maria Coles (-)

sp: Mary Adams (-)

7-Margaret Coles (-)

sp: Arthur Tappan (-)

7-John Coles (-)

sp: Harriet Codman (-)

7-Frank Coles (-)

sp: Fanny Pearsall (-)

6-William Coles (-)

6-Isaac Coles (-)

6-Hannah Coles (-)

5-Nathaniel Coles (23 Mar 1763-10 Mar 1827)

sp: Elizabeth Townsend (4 May 1767-13 Mar 1838)

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sp: Stephen Kinglands (-)

7-William Kingsland (-)

sp: Maria Kelsey (-)

7-Horatio Kingsland (-)

7-Sarah Kingsland (-)

6-Phebe Coles (-)

sp: John N. Lloyd (-)

7-John Lloyd (-)

7-Angelina Lloyd (-)

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7-Phebe Lloyd (-)

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7-Henry Lloyd (-)

sp: Brandegee (-)

6-Fanny Coles (-)

sp: Kirkbride Milnor (-)

7-Sarah Milnor (-)

7-J. Kirkbride Milnor (-)

sp: Elizabeth Ellis (-)

7-Coles Milnor (-)

7-J. Higbee Milnor (-)

7-George Milnor (-)

7-Fanny Milnor (-)

7-Charles H. Milnor (-)

7-J._H. Lloyd Milnor (-)

sp: Semmes (-)

6-Eliza Coles (-)

sp: John B Coles (-)

6-Nathaniel Coles (-)

6-Butler Coles (-)

sp: Julia Weekss (-)

7-Charles Coles (-)

sp: Lucy Stone (-)

sp: Josephine Smith (-)

7-Nathaniel Coles (-)

sp: Maria Dickerson (-)

7-Edwin Coles (-)

sp: Sarah Townsend (-)

7-Butler Coles (-)

sp: Mary E. Townsend (5 Dec 1832-)

7-Miriam Coles (-)

6-Livinia Coles (-)

sp: Thomas Pearsall (-)

7-Coles Pearsall (-)

7-Thomas Pearsall (-)

7-James Pearsall (-)

sp: Ella Frost (-)

7-Fanny Pearsall (-)

sp: Frank Coles (-)

6-Hannah Coles (-)

sp: Daniel Cock (-)

7-Lavinia Cock (-)

7-Farley Cock (-)

sp: Maria McIntosh (-)

7-Townsend Cox_(Cock) (-)

sp: Annie Helme Townsend (-)

8-Charlotte Townsend Cox (-)

sp: John Hardenbrook Townsend_Sr. (-)

9-Thomas Hardenbrook Townsend_Jr. (-)

8-Wilmont Townsend Cox (-)

sp: Maria Daune Bleecker Miller (-16 Dec 1915)

6-Charlotte Coles (-)

sp: George Kelsey (-)

7-Charlotte Kelsey (-)

5-Wright Coles (-)

sp: Elizabeth Youngs (-)

6-Samuel Coles (-)

6-Elias Coles (-)

6-Elizabeth Coles (-)

5-Oliver Coles (-)

sp: Margaret Underhill (-)

6-Oliver Coles (-)

6-Augustus Coles (-)

6-Edward Coles (-)

6-Alexander Coles (-)

6-Elizabeth Coles (-)

6-Nathaniel Coles (-)

5-Sarah Coles (-)

sp: Robert Stoddard (-)

5-Elizabeth Coles (-)

sp: Stephen Thorne (-)

6-Mary Thorne (-)

6-Daniel Thorne (-)

5-Charlotte Coles (19 May 1765-)

sp: Walter Wilmont Townsend (18 Dec 1762-7 Dec 1793)

6-Charlotte Townsend (31 Mar 1786-Jun 1851)

sp: Charles Higbee (-)

7-Joseph Milnor Higbee (-)

sp: Angelina Lloyd (-)

7-Charles Higbee (-)

sp: Caroline Howell (-)

7-Elizabeth Higbee (-6 Aug 1863)

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7-Charlotte Higbee (-)

sp: E. S. Haines (-)

7-James Higbee (-)

7-Theodotia Higbee (-)

sp: Richard Eberle (-)

7-Anne Higbee (-)

sp: Allen Goldsmith (-)

7-Fanny Higbee (-)

sp: Mercer Beasley (-)

7-Walter Higbee (-)

7-Livinia Higbee (-)

7-Mary Higbee (-)

7-Caroline Higbee (-)

sp: G. H. Coursen (-)

7-Henry Higbee (-)

7-George Higbee (-)

6-James Townsend (17 Feb 1788-1816)

6-John Townsend (18 Nov 1790-)

sp: Maria J. Everett (-)

7-Walter Townsend (-)

7-Virginia Townsend (-)

7-Amelia Townsend (-)

sp: H. N. Mc_Tyiere (-)

7-Emma J. Townsend (-)

sp: Penrose Vass (-)

6-Walter W Townsend (29 Jan 1794-2 Apr 1860)

sp: Anne Helme (-)

7-Benjamin Townsend (-)

sp: S. Bell Dunderdale (-)

7-Wisner H. Townsend (-)

sp: E. Hayward Kyle (-)

7-Charlotte Townsend (-)

sp: Adolf Gosling (-)

7-Joseph Sampson Townsend (-13 Feb 1862)

7-Dwight Townsend (1826-1899)

sp: Emily Hodges (-)

8-James Bliss Townsend (1855-1921)

sp: Eugenie Mathilde Gilbert (-)

9-Mildred Gilbert Townsend (-)

sp: Donald C. T. Atkinson (-)

9-Audinet Gilbert Townsend (1890-1892)

9-Reginald Wilmont Townsend (3 Aug 1890-)

sp: Mabeleine Drexel Dahlgren (-)

9-Noemi Doris Gilbert Townsend (1896-)

sp: Leslie W. Devereux (-)

7-Charles Higbee Townsend (-)

sp: Martha Louise Mitchell (-)

7-Maria Townsend (-24 Jul 1832)

7-Annie Helme Townsend (-)

sp: Townsend Cox_(Cock) (-)

7-Walter Wilmont Townsend (-16 Mar 1840)

7-Cornelia Townsend (-)

sp: Joseph F. Jowitt (-)

5-Mary Coles (-)

sp: Joshua Green (-)

6-Nathaniel Green (-)

6-Rebecca Green (-)

5-Freelove Coles (-)

sp: Jacob Latting (-)

6-Elizabeth Latting (-)

6-Augusta Latting (-)

4-Rhoda Coles (-26 Dec 1800)

sp: Tunis Wortman (-)

5-Coles Wortman (-)

sp: Sally Van_Wyck (-)

6-Sally Wortman (-)

sp: Maurice Suydam (-)

7-Joshua Suydam (-)

7-Simonson Suydam (-)

7-Fanny Suydam (-)

7-Anne Suydam (-)

6-Horton Wortman (-)

sp: Latting (-)

6-Fanny Wortman (-)

sp: Daniel Smith (-)

7-Jacob Smith (-)

7-Thomas U. Smith (-)

7-Daniel U. Smith (-)

7-Sarah E. Smith (-)

sp: Elizabeth Latting (-)

6-Coles Worthman (-)

6-Rhoda Worthman (-)

sp: Alsop White (-)

7-Coles White (-)

7-Joseph White (-)

7-Jacob White (-)

7-Mary White (-)

7-Rhoda White (-)

sp: ____ Smith (-)

4-Freelove Coles (5 Nov 1731-1820)

sp: Caleb Wright (10 Oct 1730-27 Oct 1752)

5-Isaac Wright (23 Aug 1751-)

sp: Nathan Horton (-2 Nov 1793)

3-Benjamin Birdsell (10 Jun 1713-)

sp: Martha Smith (-)

3-Samuel Birdsell (1 Jun 1718-)

3-Martha Birdsell (1720-)

3-Jacob Birdsell (3 Jun 1722-)

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