Underhill Burying Ground
Underhill Burying Ground

Underhill Burying Ground with obelisk monument honoring Captain John Underhill near the center.

Year established 1672
Country United States
Location Lattingtown, New York
Type Historical
Owned by Underhill Burying Ground, Inc.
Number of graves approx. 300

The Underhill Burying Ground is a cemetery located within the Village of Lattingtown, in the Town of Oyster Bay in Nassau County, New York. The cemetery has been in continuous operation since the burial of Captain John Underhill in 1672. The Underhill Burying Ground is governed by the Underhill Burying Ground, Inc., a non-profit organization, incorporated under the laws of the State of New York.

[edit]Origins and historyEdit

The Underhill Burying Ground is located upon a portion of approximately 150 acres that was granted by the Native Americans to Captain John Underhill in 1667. This area was originally called Matinecock though is today within the Village of Lattingtown. Captain John Underhill was buried here on his own land in 1672. An organization was formed in 1843 to manage and protect the family burying ground.

An imposing obelisk and monument was erected on the burial site of Captain John Underhill on May 18, 1907. The Underhill Society of America paid $6,000 for the monument, and reburied the "fighting captain" in its foundation. Made of white polished granite, it is topped by a bronze eagle with extended wings and perched on a bronze ball. On each side of the six-foot square base are four bronze tablets depicting the life of Underhill.[1]

Colonel John T. Underhill, then president of the Underhill Society of America invited Roosevelt to attend a formal ceremony to dedicate the monument. A letter from Roosevelt on April 3, 1908, accepted the invitation and agreed to "say a few words." At the dedication ceremony on July 11, 1908, Roosevelt gave an address on "A Good Soldier and a Good Citizen". In the President’s address he talked about the duties of citizenship as exemplified by the Underhill family. He took the dedication and his speech as an opportunity to denounce Socialism and give his views on the proper regulation of private business fortunes.[2]

[1][2]Theodore Roosevelt at the dedication of the Captain John Underhill monument, July 11, 1908.

The main bronze informational plaque on the monument has the following inscription:

Captain John Underhill Statesman Soldier
Born Baginton, Warwickshire, England, Oct. 7, 1597
Died Matinecock, Long Island, July 21, 1672 Coming to America in 1630 he became prominent in the government of the colonies and achieved a high reputation as a soldier in the war with the Indians. To his memory this monument is erected by the Underhill Society of America as a tribute of respect and esteem to the founder of the family in America, May 18, 1907

Also included on the plaque were names of the Underhill Society of America members at the time of the dedication of the monument. These included Col. John Torboss Underhill, President; Walter Lispenard Suydam, First Vice President; Edward King, Second Vice President; Daniel Oscar Underhill, Third Vice President; David Harris Underhill, Cor. Sec. & Family Historian; Mrs. Marianna Underhill Cocks, Asst. Cor. Secretary; Silas Albertson Underhill, Recording Secretary; Edward DeLacey Underhill, Asst. Rec. Secretary; George William Cocks, Honorary Secretary; Irving Underhill, Treasurer; Reuben Howes Underhill, Counsel.

Names of members of the Monument Committee were also included on the plaque. These included: Colonel John T. Underhill, Chairman; Hon. John Quincy Adams Underhill; Francis Jay Underhill;Charles Munson Underhill; Irving Underhill; Caleb Fowler Underhill; William Anderson Underhill. Patrons who supported the erection of the monument were also listed on the plaque and included Mrs.Robert Ogden Doremus and Mrs. Lydia Greene Lawrence.

The Underhill Burying Ground, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York in 1909.[3] Myron C. Taylor, a descendant of Captain John Underhill was instrumental in assuring perpetual maintenance of the Underhill Burying Ground by establishing a fund whose interest is used to maintain the cemetery. Descendants of Captain John Underhill may purchase burial rights by submitting an application to the Secretary of the Underhill Burying Ground, Inc.[4]

[edit]Records of BurialsEdit

The research document Historic Cemeteries of Oyster Bay[5] lists 124 known interments at the Underhill Burying Ground. Surnames with multiple burials follow by order of prevalence: Underhill (42), Feeks (17), Cocks (15), Golden (9), Cox (8), Parish (4), Udall (4), Feekes (3), Latting (3), Fekes (2), Heley (2), Fisher (2), and Secker (2). The following surnames have only one known burial, but are nonetheless represented: Cashow, Cock, Cozzens, Dickson, Hicks, Miller, Sweet, Thorne, Weeks, Wilbur, and Wilbus.

The Underhill Burying Ground, Inc., has kept extensive records of all burials. Detailed surveys have also been completed, including one by Mary Jane Layton Lippert in March 1998. The Lippert report documented 310 burials, several of which were listed simply as "Unknown."

A1 Unknown get image unmarked 1A
A2 Unknown get image unmarked 1A
A3 Unknown get image unmarked 1A
A4 Unknown get image unmarked 1A
A5 Unknown get image unmarked 1B
A6 Unknown get image unmarked 1B
A7 Secker, Benjamin 1872 P1070536 A3576 1B
A8 Secker, Maria Robinson 1874 P1070537 A3579 1B
A9 Unknown P1070538 unmarked 1B
A10 Unknown P1070538 unmarked 1B
A11 Heley, Ann Secker 1896 P1070539 A1776 1C
A12 Heley, Richard 1862 P1070540 A1781 1C
A13 Unknown P1070542 unmarked 1C
A14 Box, Jane P1070542 unmarked 1D
A15 Unknown P1070542 unmarked 1D
A16 Unknown P1070542 unmarked 1D
A17 Fisher, Walter 1892 P1070544 1D
A18 Fisher, Joseph Sr. 1895 P1070545 A1270 1D
A19 Fisher, Hannah 1902 P1070546 A1269 1E
A20 Fisher, Joseph Jr. 1918 P1070547 1E
A21 Unknown get image unmarked 1H
B1 Sweet, Achsah 1855 P1070548 w/o Jonathan A3857 2B
B2 Feeks, Charles W. 1829 P1070549 2B
B3 Feeks, "I F" P1070550 2B
B4 Feeks, Eliza C. P1070551 2B
B5 Feeks, William C. 1868 P1070552 possibly William G or William C A1260 2C
B6 Feeks, John J. 1833 P1070553 2C
B7 Feeks, Robert Ellison 1841 P1070555 s/o John D. and Mary Feeks 2C
B8 Feeks, John D. 1872 P1020350 A1251 2C
B9 Feeks, Mary Ellison 1887 P1020350 A1256 2D
B10 Feeks, Julius J. 1903 P1020350 either Julius D or Julius J A1252 2D
C1 Unknown P1070562 fieldstone 3B
C2 Fekes, E. 1757 P1070563 "E.F. Died July 26, 1757" d/o Charles Fekes 3B
C3 Fekes P1070564 stone with no inscription 3B
C4 Fekes, Charles 1799 P1020368 A1262 3B
C5 Fekes, Catharine 1805 P1020367 A1261 3B
C6 Feke P1070568 fieldstone, no inscription 3B
C7 Feke, Abigail (Wright) P1070569 3B
C8 Feke, John, "I.F." 1749 P1070571 3C
C9 Cock, Ann, "A.C." 1796 P1070574 w/o William Cock, d/o Charles Feke 3C
C10 Cocks, Stephen 1776 P1020362 A687 3C
C11 Cocks, Deborah (Feeks) 1823 P1020361 A665 3C
C12 Cocks, Stephen 1812 P1020360 A688 3C
C13 Cocks, Clemence 1815 P1020359 A663 3C
C14 Hicks, Esther 1822 P1020358 A1901 3C
C15 Feeks, Anne 1867 P1020357 A1244 3D
C16 Feeks, Daniel 1862 P1020356 3D
C17 Cock, Emily 1919 P1020355 3D
C18 Cocks, Annie Elizabeth 1963 P1020354 3D
C19 Wahlig, Lewis Arthur 1967 P1020354 3D
C20 Ogden, Louise Cocks 1967 P1020353 3D
C21 Cocks, Peter 1922 P1020352 3E
C22 Cocks, Ada Martha 1946 P1020352 3E
D1 Unknown 1722 get image fieldstone 4A
D2 Wright, Zebulon 1746 P1070591 4B
D3 Feke, Betsy 1748 P1070599 daughter of Charles Feke & Catherine Tiller 4B
D4 Feekes, Clements 1760 P1070600 A1242 4B
D5 Feeks, Robert 1773 P1070601 A1259 4C
D6 Cozzens, Charles 1779 P1070603 4C
D7 Cozzens, Sarah 1781 P1070604 incorrectly listed as 1770 in Hammond A854 4C
D8 Feeks, Charles C. 1827 P1070605 A1246 4C
D9 Feeks, Mary Ann 1877 P1070606 A1257 4C
D10 Feeks, Emeline A. 1912 P1070607 A1249 4C
D11 Feeks, Robert 1830 P1070608 4D
D12 Feeks, Mary 1848 P1070610 A1255 4D
D13 Feeks, David 1834 P1070611 4D
D14 Wilbur, Charles Henry 1848 P1070612 A5234 4D
D15 Wilbur, Agnes 1852 P1070613 4D
D16 Wilbur, Robert 1853 P1070614 4D
D17 Wilbur, Arthur G. 1920 P1070615 Incorrectly listed as Wilbus in Hammond A5233 4D
D18 Newell, Sarah Jane P1070616 4F
D19 Taylor, Julia P. 1893 P1070617 4F
D20 Taylor, Hugh W. 1893 P1070618 4F
E1 Underhill 1723 P1070619 With note "Abra Uner Dia 1723" 5A
E2 Feke, Ann 1773 P1070621 5B
E3 Feekes, Elizabeth 1737 P1020409 A1243 5B
E4 Feke, John 1724 P1070623 5B
E5 Underhill, Isaac 1723 P1070624 5B
E6 Underhill, John 1723 P1070625 5B
E7 Unknown 1725 P1070626 With note "Sep. ye 26 1725" 5C
E8 Feeks, Freelove 1792 P1020468 A1250 5C
E9 Feeks, Elizabeth 1824 P1020274 A1248 5C
E10 Feeks, Daniel 1824 P1020275 A1247 5C
E11 Smith, Aimee 1949 P1070632 5F
E12 Smith, Oonto 1922 P1070633 5G
E13 Cornish, Robert Lee 1992 P1070634 5G
E13 Cornish, Kathren Senior P1070634 5G
E14 Underhill, John G. Jr. 1964 P1070635 5G
F1 Unknown get image fieldstone 6A
F2 Unknown get image fieldstone 6A
F3 Unknown get image fieldstone 6A
F4 Underhill, Captain John 1672 P1070639 6&7B
F5 Underhill, Mary Priar 1698 P1070643 6B?
F5A P1070643
F6 Underhill, J 1693 P1070644 6B
F7 Underhill, John 2nd 1692 P1070645 6B
F8 Cocks, ___(Inf son) 1857 P1070646 6C
F9 Cocks, Anna (Inf) 1857 P1070647 A661 6C
F10 Cox, John W. 1843 P1070648 6C
F11 Cocks, Esther 1844 P1070649 A670 6C
F12 Underhill, Esther 1776 P1070651 d/o Daniel & Sarah Frost 6C
F13 Underhill, Phebe 1776 P1070652 d/o Daniel & Sarah Frost 6D
F14 Underhill, Daniel 1804 P1070653 6D
F15 Underhill, Sarah 1828 P1070654 Duplicate of F15. 6D
F16 Feeks, G. 1807 P1070655 6D
F17 Unknown P1070658 unmarked 6D
F18 Unknown P1070658 unmarked 6D
F19 Unknown P1070658 unmarked 6D
F20 Unknown P1070658 unmarked 6E
F21 Underhill, Charles 1853 P1020437 6E
F22 Underhill, Jane 1855 P1020436 6E
F23 Underhill, Charles C. 1860 P1020435 6E
F24 Carpenter, Elizabeth 1885 P1020431 6E
F25 Underhill, Ann Amelia 1864 P1020431 6E
F26 Smith, Martha Jane 1918 P1070662 6E
F27 Underhill, Minnie 1864 P1070662 6F
F28 Underhill, Margaret P1070665 unmarked 6F
F29 Underhill, Daniel P1070665 unmarked 6F
F30 Underhill, "M U" P1070665 unmarked 6F
F31 Unknown P1070665 unmarked 6F
F32 Cocks, Jacob P1070665 unmarked 6G
F33 Unknown P1070665 unmarked 6G
F34 Underhill, Louisa Wingate 1927 P1070666 6G
F34 Underhill, John Garrett 1946 P1070666 6G
F35 Unknown P1070667 unmarked 6G
G1 M… 1810 P1070669 "I M" 7A
G2 Unknown P1070671 fieldstone 7B
G3 Unknown P1070672 fieldstone 7B
G4 Underhill, Elizabeth Feake 1675 P1070673 7B
G5 Unknown P1070674 fieldstone 7B
G6 Unknown P1070675 fieldstone 7B
G7 Underhill, John 3rd 1728 P1070676 7C
G8 Unknown P1070677 fieldstone 7C
G9 Underhill, Susanna P1070678 7C
G10 Underhill, Jacob 1725 P1070679 7C
G11 Underhill, Phebe P1070680 7C
G12 Underhill, Sarah 1760 P1070681 7C
G13 Fleet, Deborah 1763 P1070682 7D
G14 Underhill, Elizabeth 1829 P1020519 A4335 7D
G15 Underhill, John 1831 P1020516 A4360 7D
G16 Cock, Anna Underhill 1838 P1020273 7D
G17 Underhill, Deborah 1840 P1070686 7D
G18 Cocks, Abigail 1849 P1070687 7D
G19 Cocks, Richard 1851 P1020509 7E
G20 Parish, infant 1837 P1070689 7E
G21 Parish, William 1859 P1070690 A3061 7E
G22 Parish, Sarah 1875 P1070691 A3054 7E
G23 Thorne, James 1891 P1020502 7F
G24 Thorne, Eliza M. Parish 1894 P1020501 Elijah should read Eliza A3965 7F
G25 Titus, Almira P. 1918 P1020500 7F
G26 Titus, Edward Post 1924 P1020499 7F
G27 Unknown P1070698 fieldstone 8A
G28 Unknown P1070699 fieldstone 8A
G29 Prier, Joseph 1728 P1070700 h/o Deborah Underhill, s/o John and Elizabeth Bowne Prier 8A
G30 Unknown P1070704 fieldstone 8C
G31 Unknown P1070705 fieldstone 8C
G32 Unknown P1070706 fieldstone 8C
G33 Underhill (inf) P1070707 "C V" 8C
G34 Underhill, Abigail Cruger 1765 P1070708 8C
G35 Underhill, D 1790 P1070709 s/o John and Elizabeth Willets 8D
G36 Underhill, Daniel 1804 P1070711 unmarked, multiple entry with F14 8D
G37 Underhill, Sarah 1828 P1070711 8D
G38 Underhill, Stephen 1836 P1020267 A4396 8D
G39 Underhill, Jemima 1850 P1020268 A4359 8D
G40 Underhill, Stephen C. 1869 P1020648 A4397 8D
G41 Underhill, Sarah P. 1889 P1020543 A4392 8D
G42 Underhill, Marietta 1873 P1020544 A4371 8E
G43 Underhill, Abram Coles 1910 P1020545 A4313 8E
G43 Cock, Eugenia P. 1935 P1020545 8E
G44 Underhill, Harvey C. 1893 P1020547 A4349 8E
G45 Underhill, Townsend J. 1900 P1020546 A4400 8E
G45A P1070720
G46 Underhill, Isabel B. 1902 P1020549 Isabel, not Isabell A4353 8E
G47 Underhill, Julia P. 1907 P1020550 A4367 8F
G48 Latting, Sarah Frost 1907 P1070723 A2361 8F
G49 Latting, Joseph 1862 P1070723 A2353 8F
G50 Latting, William Dealle 1863 P1070723 A2366 8F
H1 S, I 1841 P1070730 "I S 1841" 9A
H2 Prior, I 1698 P1070731 Probably John Prior. 9A
H3 Prior, I C 1717 P1070732 "I C P 1717" 9B
H4 Parish, Sarah 1880 P1070735 A3055 9B
H5 Parish, Richard L. 1893 P1070736 A3052 9B
H6 Underhill, Rebecca 1808 get image 9C
H7 Unknown P1070738 unmarked 9C
H8 Carpenter, Ann 1775 P1070740 "A C 1775" 9C
H9 Underhill, John 1798 P1070742 9D
H10 Underhill, Frost 1813 P1070744 9D
H11 Unknown P1070746 unmarked 9D
H12 Unknown P1070746 unmarked 9D
H13 Underhill, Margaret Smith 1841 P1070747 9D
H14 Underhill, Daniel 1842 P1070748 9E
H15 Underhill, Sarah 1877 P1020571 A4390 9E
H16 Underhill, Smith 1880 P1020569 A4394 9E
H17 Underhill, Phebe 1890 P1020567 A4380 9E
H18 Underhill, Thomas F. 1898 P1020566 A4399 9E
H19 Underhill, Anna Cartha 1916 P1020564 A4320 9F
H20 Cox, Mary E. 1909 P1020563 A844 9F
H21 Cox, Richard 1897 P1020562 A849 9F
H22 Cox, Sarah E. 1858 P1020561 A852 9F
H23 Cox, Sarah 1890 P1020559 A851 9F
H24 Cox, Mary A. 1895 P1020558 A842 9F
H25 Cox, Richard 1901 P1070759 9F
H26 Underhill, Edward C. 1913 P1020555 A4334 9G
H27 Malm, George H. 1981 P1070761 9H
H27 Malm, Isabelle 1991 P1070761 9H
I1 Unknown P1070763 fieldstone 10A1
I10 Golden, Hannah 1805 P1070773 A1538 10B2
I11 Golden, Ephraim 1817 P1070774 A1535 10B3
I12 Golden, Elizabeth 1778 P1070775 A1533 10B4
I13 Unknown P1070776 fieldstone 10B5
I14 Unknown P1070777 fieldstone 10B5
I15 Unknown P1070778 fieldstone 10C1
I16 Golden, Charles 1817 P1070779 A1527 10C2
I17 Cocks, Valentine 1840 get image 10C3
I18 Cocks, Anna 1828 P1070784 10C4
I18A P1070784
I19 Cox, Smith U. 1860 P1020608 Reads Smith W. in Hammond, should read Smith U. A853 10C5
I19A P1020608
I2 Golden, N 1830 P1070764 "N G" 10A2
I20 Cox, Samuel (Inf) 1856 P1070786 A850 10C6
I20A P1070786
I21 Cox, Anna 1856 P1070787 A837 10C7
I21A P1070787
I22 Underhill, Isabella (Inf) 1879 P1070788 A4354 10D1
I22A P1070788
I23 Underhill, child P1070789 unmarked 10D2
I24 Underhill, child P1070789 unmarked 10D3
I25 Underhill, Nancy 1806 P1070789 unmarked 10D4
I26 Underhill, George 1830 P1070789 unmarked 10D5
I27 Underhill, Robert F. 1870 P1070792 10D6
I27A P1070792
I28 Underhill, Mary T. 1872 P1070793 10D7
I28A P1070793
I3 S, J 1836 P1070765 "J S" 10A3
I30 Underhill, Abram R. 1841 P1070794 10E 1
I30A P1070794
I4 Golden, Ann Lawrence 1872 P1070766 A1524 10A4
I40 Underhill, Phebe 1861 P1070795 10E 2
I41 Underhill, David C 1869 P1070796 10E 3
I41A P1070796
I42 Underhill, Mary 1863 P1070797 10E 4
I42A P1070797
I43 Underhill, Jonathan 1876 P1070798 10E 5
I44 Underhill, Jane 1883 P1070799 10F1
I5 Golden, Sarah Hyde 1819 P1070767 A1543 10A5
I6 Golden, Perceval 1870 P1070768 A1542 10A6
I7 Golden, Ann Baker 1830 P1070771 A1523 10A7
I8 Golden, child P1070780 child, unmarked 10A8
I9 Golden, Ephraem 1793 P1070772 A1534 10B1
J1 Udall, Phebe S. 1872 P1020653 A4306 11A1
J2 Udall, Thomas P. 1834 P1020652 A4307 11A2
J3 Udall, Willet (Inf) 1826 P1020652 A4308 11A3
J4 Udall, Hamilton J. 1854 P1020652 A4305 11A4
J5 Cashow, Elizabeth U. 1876 P1020651 A516 11B1
J6 Underhill, Phebe A. 1894 P1020650 A4381 11B2
J7 Underhill, Benjamin C. 1888 P1020649 A4321 11B3
J8 Underhill, Stephen C 1889 P1070810 read 1859, should read 1889. 11B4
J9 Miller, Mary Alice ND P1070811 A2790 11B5
J10 Miller, George L. 1938 P1070811 11B6
J11 Cook, Robert M. 1886 P1020645 Should read Cook, not Cocks A684 11C1
J12 Cock, Emma 1877 P1020645 A669 11C2
J13 Holbrook, Eva Underhill 1940 P1020644 11D1
J14 Holbrook, Mary Louise 1925 P1070816 11D2
J15 Underhill, Ann Elizabeth 1896 P1020641 A4319 11D3
J16 Underhill, Rolena Allen 1919 P1020684 duplicate with J16 A4386 11D3
J17 Underhill, George R. 1884 P1020639 A4347 11D4
J18 Underhill, Robert T. 1901 P1020684 see k33 A4385 11D4
J19 Underhill P1070819 unmarked, s/o George H. Underhill 11D5
J20 Underhill, George Hewlett 1873 P1020303 May be duplicate of A4346 11E 1
J21 Underhill, Amy Kirk 1854 P1020635 A4318 11E 2
J22 Underhill, Jacob S. 1886 P1020634 A4356 11E 3
J23 Underhill, Phebe Ann 1889 P1070823 A4382 11E 4
J24 Underhill, George 1891 P1020262 A4344 11E 5
J25 Underhill, John K. 1891 P1020263 A4363 11F1
J26 Underhill, Catherine 1914 P1020627 A4324 11F2
J27 Underhill, Clarence (Inf) 1877 P1020626 A4328 11F3
J28 Underhill, Kate (Inf) 1880 P1020626 A4368 11F4
J29 Underhill, Clara 1885 P1020625 11F5
J30 Underhill, Jacob S. 1885 P1020625 11F6
J31 Robbins, Baby Victoria 1908 P1070829 11F7
K1 Underhill, Smith E. 1903 P1020657 A4395 12B1
K2 Underhill, Louise 1935 P1020291 12B2
K3 Cocks, James R. 1915 P1020659 A674 12B3
K4 Cocks, Elizabeth P. 1902 P1020660 A668 12C1
K5 Cocks, Mary E. 1890 P1020661 A679 12C2
K6 Cocks, Isaac 1881 P1020517 A673 12C3
K7 Wright, Leonard S. 1964 P1020258 American Legion marker 12D1
K8 Wright, Mable Underhill 1951 P1070842 12D2
K9 Underhill, Townsend W. 1894 P1020665 A4401 12D3
K10 Underhill, Sarah 1890 P1020666 A4391 12D4
K11 Underhill, Francis H.(Inf) 1890 P1020666 A4343 12D5
K12 Underhill, Frances Y. 1916 P1020302 A4342 12D6
K13 Underhill, D. Kirk 1912 P1020668 A4332 12E 1
K14 Underhill, Samuel V. 1918 P1020669 A4388 12E 2
K15 Underhill, Matilda C. 1925 P1020669 12E 3
K16 Robbins, Amy Underhill 1938 P1020670 12E 4
K17 Robbins, Richard Underhill 1966 P1020672 12F1
K17 Robbins, William E. 2005 P1020671 US Marines
K18 Robbins, Margaret 1994 P1020672 combine with K17 12F2
K19 Dickson, Henry V. 1894 P1020673 A981 12F3
K20 Underhill, Caroline Fidelia 1934 P1020698 13B1
K21 Underhill, David Harris 1936 P1020697 13B2
K22 Underhill, Col. John T. 1924 P1020695 13B3
K23 Underhill, Robert F., Jr. 1983 P1020251 13C1
K24 Underhill, Mary Elizabeth 1976 P1020250 13C2
K25 Underhill, Emma Smith 1975 P1020252 13C3
K26 Underhill, Mary Smith 1930 P1020689 13C4
K27 Underhill, John Henry 1918 P1020689 A4362 13C5
K28 Underhill, Irving 1961 P1070871 13C6
K29 Young, Louise Underhill 1940 P1070872 13C7
K30 Underhill, Edward Rowland 1922 P1070926 13D1
K31 Underhill, Elizabeth Tuttle 1969 P1070875 13D2
K32 Underhill, Rolena Allen 1919 P1070876 duplicate with K32
K33 Underhill, Robert Townsend 1901 P1070877 see J18
K34 Underhill, George Allen 1924 P1070878 13D5
K35 Underhill, George T., Jr. 2011 P1020681 No death date 13D6
K36 Underhill, Ann Lichtenwalter P1020681 No death date 13D7
K37 Underhill, G. Townsend 1980 P1020679 13D8
K37 Underhill, Dorothy Wing 2005 P1020679 13D9
K39 Underhill, Helen Peters 1932 P1070879 13D10
K40 Underhill, Baby 1897 P1070880 13D11
K41 Underhill, Frances 1978 P1020675 13E 1
K42 Underhill, Robert Kirk 1997 P1020675 13E 2
L1 Underhill, Robert F. 1959 P1020255 14C1
L2 Underhill, Vera C. 1951 P1020254 14C2
Cock, Ann (Cocks) 1824 A581
Cocks, ___(Inf son) ND A657
Cocks, John 1815 A675
Cocks, Richard 1904 A683
Feekes, Betty ND A1241
Feeks, C. ND A1245
Feeks, June S. 1833 A1253
Feeks, Marlar 1829 A1254
Feeks, Robert ND A1258
Underhill, Abigail 1849 P1020511
Underhill, George H. 1843 A4346 11E
Underhill, Martha J 1918 P1020431
Weeks, Davis 1831 A5001


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